Why did you make this page?

Why would I make a page about spaying and neutering when there's already hundreds on the web? And why make it focus on rabbits and ferrets?
There's many reasons why spaying and neutering is important, but there's some important reasons why ferrets and rabbits needed a page all their own.
Other spay and neuter pages just don't realize there's more to spay and neuter awareness than cats and dogs After all, they are the most common pets in North America. But ferrets and rabbits are becoming more common every day, and millions of households have one or the other animal
A lot of people think it's impossable for small animals to be spayed or neutered. It's difficult to neuter animals like rats and hamsters, but ferrets and rabbits are 'big' small animals, and though neutering isn't as common, it's still nessisary.
Many people think going through heat and birthing is good for their female ferrets and rabbits After all, it's natural, isn't it? But letting your female rabbit go through heats and pregnancies reduces her lifespan by years, and a ferret left in heat often contracts deseases, becomes anemic or wastes away. She won't naturally leave her heat. For both animals, there's always a chance they could DIE from a bad pregnancy.
People don't realise aggresion in rabbits is often caused by being 'whole' Subsequently, thousands of agressive rabbits end up in shelters every year.
People don't realise there is ferret and rabbit overpopulation too..There is over a hundred thousand ferrets dropped off at shelters and rescues every year. There is hundreds of thousands of rabbits that meet the same fate. AND AN UNKNOWN NUMBER ARE RELEASED INTO THE WILD EVERY YEAR! For ferrets, it's a death sentance. For many rabbits, too.

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Whole: capeable of breeding
Heat: Also known as season, the period when a female animal is receptive to breeding and pregnancy