Please Don't Breed!

Two great reasons not to breed

There are hundreds of thousands of ferrets and rabbits waiting in a shelter right now for you to adopt.
Humaine societies have to put down almost all of the rabbits and ferrets they recieve because they cannot adopt them fast enough. Or they pass them along to a ferret or rabbit rescue and shelter run by a loving individual.
These "No Kill" shelters are often to the bursting point, with anywhere between 20 to 200 animals. Many stop accepting animals due to space limitations.
And unwanted ferrets and rabbits are released in the wild every year. Neither belongs there.
By breeding, you're saying "I don't care, I know what I'm doing." But every baby you have is one more animal from a shelter that doesn't find a home. And if they have babies? And if they have babies....?
Little Noodles & Crackers: They're young boys, about a year old, and very very big. They were found abandoned at the end of a dead end road, locked in their cage without food or water. They're currently waiting adoption at the Kista Ferret Shelter
An example of orphaned babies, who had to be raised by a human foster parent. They're all waiting at the Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret Rescue
Francine & Elmer were found 'stray' in a Brick K-Mart parking lot. Most likely an example of 'releaseing the ferrets' into the wild, always a bad idea. They're currently waiting adoption at the Kista Ferret Shelter
Phoebe was abandoned in the Redmond Business Park and was picked up to resume a better life. However, during Phoebe's spay her back was fractured. It has since fused and she gets around quite well. She's waiting for a new friend at the Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret Rescue
Robbie and Tabitha are both around 3.5 years old, and very active, although also very underweight. They were abandoned in an empty apartment. They were rescued by the local humane society and brough to the Kista Ferret Shelter
Shelton currently lives with Phoebe. Another victim of a veterinarian who should not have been doing surgery on rabbits. Shelton's back was fractured but has fused and he can get around by himself. He'd like a cuddly owner, and waits at the Little Rabbit, Rodent and Ferret Rescue

These and many more ferrets and rabbits await you at a local shelter. Check our links page for the one nearest you

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